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Tights are our favourite choice when we want to protect our feet from cold. Equally, with tights we protect our feet from dirt and rough materials of the shoes of our choice. You can also wear them when you don’t want your legs to be bare or you’re invited to an elegant show.



Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose among different lengths of tights.

Tights are long stockings that cover the entire length of the legs, reaching from toes to the waist. They are suitable for colder days because they keep you warm. As they nicely cover your legs and waist, you can also wear them to special events because they shape your legs beautifully.

Hold up tights are a synonym for a sexy look, ending in the middle of your thighs, where they are firmly held in place by a silicone band. You will feel extremely confident while wearing them.

Knee-high stockings are stockings that end – as the name suggests – below the knee. They are a favourite peace to wear under midi skirts as they cover your calves. You can also wear them under long trousers on colder days because they are an effective solution if you are not a fan of this type of trousers.

Sockettes and ankle socks are the type of socks that look like you are not wearing them at all. If you are a fan of elegant heeled shoes, sandals or other similar footwear, sockettes are the right choice for you. They don’t slip off your feet, they are not very tight and they don’t crease. And if you are a fan of trainers or some other shoes that end at the ankles, we recommend ankle socks. They will protect your heels from getting blisters caused by the edge of your shoes, providing you with a feeling of lightness while wearing them.



Tights are marked with Denier measurement unit. Different numbers mean different thickness.

  • < 30 Denier – transparent, invisible tights
  • 30 – 40 Denier – semi-transparent tights
  • 40 – 70 Denier – opaque tights
  • > 70 Denier – thicker, opaque tights


For summer days, we recommend a thickness of up to 30 Denier. While for colder, autumn/winter days, choose tights from 30 Denier onwards.

If you want to wear tights, but at the same time leave the impression that you are not wearing them and that your legs are bare, choose transparent, invisible skin-toned tights.



Choose your tights according to your complexion, whether lighter or darker. Consider also your favourite colour and dressing style. They are available in black and in two skin colour shades, lighter and darker.



The most famous ones are classic tights, while in the world of fashion you will also find various push-up tights for body shaping, that adapt to your waist and hips while shaping them nicely. You can choose seamless tights, which are seamless in the upper part and between legs. And if you want to be noticed, treat yourself to fishnet tights or modern polka dot tights.



  1. Wash your hands and take off your jewellery. Take your time – don't be in a hurry. Carefully fold the tights along the entire length of the thumbs of your hands.

  2. Sit down, put the tights on your foot and pull them evenly from the toes, over the feet and to the knees.

  3. Make sure that the tights are not creased on the ankles, calves and knees - let them be nice and tight.

  4. Slowly and carefully, with both hands, pull the tights all over the length of the legs and over the hips to the waist.

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